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      BYD electric car Dolphin 2023 Model 420km freedom version


      Vehicle Type: Electric Cars

      Brand Name: BYD


      Person in charge: Alex?Lau

      Cel: 0086 176 6971 7515

      Whatsapp: 8615020057493

      E-mail: sales28@chinatruck.cc



      BYD electric car Dolphin 2023 Model 420km freedom version

      Manufacturer BYD class small car

      Energy type pure electric market time 2022.12

      CLTC pure electric range (km) 420 fast charge time (hour) 0.5

      Fast charge percentage 80 Maximum power (kW) 70

      Maximum torque (N·m) 180 motor (Ps) 95

      Length * width * height (mm) 4125*1770*1570 body structure 5 door 5 seat hatchback

      Maximum speed (km/h) 150 power equivalent fuel consumption (L/100km) 1.19

      The vehicle warranty is six years or 150 thousand kilometers


      Height (mm) 1570 Wheelbase (mm) 2700

      Front wheel base (mm) 1530 Rear wheel base (mm) 1530

      Approach Angle (°) 17 Departure Angle (°) 23

      Minimum turning radius (m) 5.25 body structure hatchback car

      Door opening mode Flat door Number of doors (5)

      Seats (each) 5 Trunk capacity (L) 345-1310

      Maximum load weight (kg) 1780


      Total motor power (Ps) 95 Total motor torque (N·m) 180

      Maximum power of front motor (kW) 70 Maximum torque of front motor (N·m) 180

      Number of driving motors Single motor motor layout front

      Battery type lithium iron phosphate battery cell brand Ferdi

      Battery cooling mode liquid cooled CLTC pure electric range (km) 420

      Battery energy (kWh) 44.928 Battery energy density (Wh/kg) 140.56

      100km power consumption (kWh/100km) 10.5 battery pack warranty Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner (liability exemption clause is subject to official)

      The fast charge function supports 60 kW of fast charge

      Fast charge time (hour) 0.5 Fast charge amount (%) 80


      Single speed transmission for electric vehicles

      Chassis steering

      Rear suspension type torsion beam type non-independent suspension power booster type electric power

      Car body structure bearing type -

      Wheel braking

      Parking Brake Type Electronic Parking Front Tire Spec 195/60 R16

      Rear tire specifications 195/60 R16 Spare tire specifications None

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