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      Hot Sales XCMG GR180 Motor Grader

      No.: Angelia 12

      Vehicle Type: Motor Grader

      Brand Name: XCMG

      XCMG Machinery

      Person in charge: Angelia Sun

      Cel: +8615269249286

      Whatsapp: +8615269249286

      E-mail: sales16@chinatruck.cc



      Person in charge: Ms. Angelia 
      Tel: 0086-15269249286
      E-mail: sales16@chinatruck.cc

      XCMG Motor Grader

      Motor Grader

      Basic specification

      Engine model6CTAA8.3 D6114
      Rated power/speed138kW/2200  140kW/2300rpm
      Operating weight(Standard)15400kg

      Performance specification

      Travelling speed ,forward5,8,11,19,23,38 km/h
      Travelling speed ,reverse5,11,23 km/h
      Tractive force(f=0.75)79KN
      Max. gradeability20%
      Tire inflation pressure260 kPa
      Working hydraulic pressure16 MPa
      Transmission pressure1.3~1.8MPa

      Operating specification

      Max. steering angle of front wheels&plusmn;50&deg;
      Max. lean angle of front wheels&plusmn;17&deg;
      Max. oscillation angle of front axle&plusmn;15&deg;
      Max. oscillation angle of balance box15
      Frame articulation angle&plusmn;27&deg;
      Min. turning radius using articulation7.3m
      Maximum lift above ground450mm
      Maximum depth of cutting500mm
      Maximum blade position angle90&deg;
      Blade cutting angle28&deg;&mdash;70&deg;
      Circle reversing rotation360&deg;
      Moldboard width X height3965&times;610mm

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