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      CIMC 3 axles container semitrailer

      No.: Kevin-A004

      Vehicle Type: Container Semi-trailer

      Brand Name: CIMC

      CIMC Trailer

      Person in charge: Kevin Jiang

      Cel: 0086 176 6971 7518

      Whatsapp: 8617669717518

      E-mail: sales17@chinatruck.cc



      CIMC 3 axles container semitrailer

      Total mass: 40000kg
      Kerb mass: 11000kg
      Rated mass: 29000kg
      Axles: 3
      Brand: FUWA (13 tons loading ability)
      Wheel base(mm): 7150+1310+1310
      Spring: 8/8/8
      Tyre: 11.00-20
      Quantity of tyre: 12
      Brand: Triangle
      Rear track(mm): 1830/1830/1830
      Front overhang(mm):1080
      Rear overhang(mm): 2150
      Departure angle: 14
      K-pin: 2.0
      Inner size(mm): 12700x2300x1200-(1600  option)
      Capacity: 35.052CBM

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