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      3 Axles 40 feet flat bed container trailer

      No.: Kevin0305

      Vehicle Type: Container Semi-trailer

      Brand Name: KAILAI

      KAILAI Trailer

      Person in charge: Kevin Jiang

      Cel: 0086 176 6971 7518

      Whatsapp: 8617669717518

      E-mail: sales17@chinatruck.cc



      Model: ST9401TJZ

      Name: Container trailer

      overall dimension(LxWxH): 12340x2490x1650MM

      loading capacity: 32000

      Front oevrhang: 1240mm

      Wheel base: 6800+1305+1305mm

      Rear overhang: 1690mm

      Track: 1840mm

      Bearing surface height: 1600mm

      curb weight: 7630kg

      Total mass: 39630kg

      Longitudinal beam: 500*16*16*6

      Axles: 3x13t(Fuwa)

      tyre: 11.00R20

      Spring: 11/11/11

      Number of lock: 12 lock positions with 8 twist locks

      Kingpin: 90#

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